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The Christmas Jumper Countdown to Christmas

Camilla Grey

For nigh on a decade, I've been sending my best friend Owen inspiration for his annual Christmas jumper. As the first person I knew to get a "real, proper" job straight out of university, I was able to spend vicariously through him - enjoying many a deep knit holiday sweater throughout the late noughties. 

And so, while it's been some time since I captured the selection publicly, I thought it might be a nice respite from all the "100 tech trends on Snapchat" and "A million things you've already forgotten to do in 2016" lists. Owen - and the gentlemen readers of my blog - this one's for you. 

1. No self-respecting festive knit aficionado should ever embark on their hunt without first consulting the thought-leader of crimbo tops - Ralph Lauren. Every year R-Lizzle blows our tiny, mince pie sozzled minds with another experimental foray into solstice attire. This time, he stretches the boundaries of the genre once again through an intarsia-knit with a Polo Bear in après-ski attire. Just wow. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 14.57.48.png


2. Now we've established best-practise. Let's head on down the other end of the spectrum to ASOS's 'christmas jumper' filter. And look, it's Banter Claus! Because nothing says "I'm going to get the morning after pill" more than finding this monstrosity in your bed after the work xmas party. And by monstrosity, I mean the man who saw this online, ordered it, and wore it in public. 



3. A true gentleman, and follower of fashion, would instead head over to Mr. Porter and select this little number from Givenchy. It's edgy, it's design-orientated, it's for the man who sees what he wants and seizes his prize. Because, frankly, what girl doesn't want to hear those three magic words on her lover's lips? Flocked jacquard wool. 


4. Maybe you're after more of a Zuckerberg vibe? You want your yuletide garb to be Valley, Roundabout or Beach appropriate as well as Medium-friendly race, gender, religion and channel agnostic. No fancy patterns for you, you're committing code not righteous acts of fashion. Plus, in Everlane's famous breathable cashmere, you can race from SoulCycle to the Tesla without skipping a beat or a Slack notification. 


5. When it comes to Christmas morning, though, I have to advocate both style and substance. You need performance in every sense of the word - knitwear that sees you through the meat sweats, the compulsory family walk, and the selfies you post with that new selfie stick your Aunt got you because you're "in media" (aren't we all?). For this, it's only right to turn to JC. No, not that one, but happy birthday mate. The other one, J. Crew. Classic and classy - just like you.

Merry festivities peeps! Love, Cx

Lights, camera, click!

Camilla Grey

Vlogging. It’s such a cringe of a word, isn’t it? Associated so closely with lonely, bedroom-based life-casters crying into their keyboards. So, I’m going to stick with ‘videos’, and save you from the linguistic equivalent of fingernails down a chalkboard.

I wrote about the rising trend for videos and video-makers a while back, and it’s not gone away. If anything, it’s grown into a fully-fledged and viable commercial entity. It turns out these girls are making serious coin - a flurry of recent articles cited numbers in the hundreds of thousands. Zoella - a British video maker who’s known for her Primark fashion hauls and up-do how-to’s - was interviewed in the FT, ffs.

Let’s assume, then, that this is going to be a “thing”. That what’s currently limited to young girls talking about concealer, will expand to a broader demographic of makers and audiences. That what’s boosting loyalty and driving up demand, is bound to be adopted by a wider selection of brands and products. That what’s making money is going to keep making money. Except, it’s going to take a while because, let’s face it, it’s a bloody weird thing to do.

As soon as the technological and financial barriers to entry for writing came down, so did our fear of doing it. In a few, short years, everyone got seriously comfortable with their short-form content publishing channels of choice - merrily blogging, Facebook updating, and Tweeting away. The same can’t be said for video. The hardware and software is just as readily at our fingertips, and yet we struggle to push the red button and go big with Vine, Instagram video, or YouTube. People do do it, but it’s millions of them, not billions.

The obvious answer, you’d think, is shyness and lack of self-confidence. It takes guts to plonk yourself down in front a camera and chat away for 5 to 10 minutes, without worrying about bad angles or poor lighting. And yet, the one thing that the leading video makers share, is an admission to anxiety. Sammi (aka BeautyCrush) speaks often about her crushing social phobias, as do many of the others with subscribers in the millions. So, perhaps, it’s a certain personality type - ones that lean towards the introverted end of the spectrum - that find YouTube appealing. Within the safety of the 16:9 aspect ratio, video makers have full control over how they present themselves to the world.

A new way of selling is unfolding, but it could not be further from the “BANG! And the dirt is gone!” world of shouty, extroverted ad types. This revolution is in the whispers from behind closed doors. Only there’ll be no more crying into keyboards - they’re laughing all the way to the bank.