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Hidden Gems

Camilla Grey

There’s certain things in life that are so great they’re worth shouting about - a particularly well-executed flat white, your 12th Foursquare check-in at T5 or those bronzed hotdog legs on a sunlounger in Mustique. Get you and your bad self.

But there are also things that are so good, so effortless, so perfectly in chime with your life that it can be easy to overlook them and take them for granted. So, as 2013 draws to a close, I will wrap up my posts for the year with a nod to the small things that make everything just that bit better.

Media Hint

If you already use Media Hint you will be nodding sagely right now whilst feeling that familiar pang of guilt and paranoia that accompanies it. No, this is not some horrible new drug cooked up in a basement in Clapton. It’s a Chrome plug-in that tricks websites into thinking you have a US IP address so you can watch Hulu and American Netflix. As long as you ignore the nagging feeling that all of your internet activity (and log-in details) is currently running through some anonymous, unregulated IP, then you’re laughing. And watching 30 Rock.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 16.18.27.png

Bump, Delicious and IFTTT

Here’s three more little helpers that make the internet generally better and more awesome. Bump lets you push photos from your phone to your desktop really quickly and with a satisfying “bump” on your keyboard. Delicious is old school bookmarking at its best. And IFTTT is so cool that I can’t think about it for too long without my delicate lady brains exploding out of my nose.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 16.15.49.png

Brora vests and Uniqlo gilets

Being well dressed takes time, money and great personal sacrifice with regards to warmth. With a Brora cashmere vest and a fetching Uniqlo HeatTech gilet you can cross the latter off that list. So now it’s just about time and money. For the wins.

A bicycle

Cycling in London is as dangerous and irresponsible as Justine Sacco with free airport wifi (hashtag timely social media joke that won’t be funny next week). So, yes, whether you’re on a Boris Bike or a fixie, you take your life in your hands every time you peddle off to Broadway Market, or Redchurch Street or wherever us yuppie scum choose to hang out of a weekend. But there is no denying that cycling in London is also one of life’s great joys - undiscovered back streets, the wind in your helmet, and powerful hand signalling at junctions.

RoundTables and Here’s the Thing

Last but not least, some light entertainment. When those around you are citing TED Talks and This American Life, I raise you Hollywood Reporter Roundtables and Here’s the Thing. The Roundtable series on YouTube are hour long discussions with some of Hollywood’s best and brightest from comedians and drama actors, to agents and screen writers. I love hearing people talk about what they do best, their careers peaks and troughs and what they learned along the way. Similarly, Here’s the Thing is Alec Baldwin’s podcast where he interviews people from entertainment, politics and the arts about their lives and professions. Funny, irreverent and often unexpected it makes you truly believe that Alec could anecdote, drink and unashamedly namedrop Ira under the table.

So, there you go. A random list of random things that brought me joy this year. Please do leave a comment and let me know what your hidden gems have been. If only to prove I didn’t lose all my readers and make a huge mistake moving to SquareSpace!