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Camilla Grey

My name is Camilla and I'm obsessed with fashion and beauty vlogs.  

There, I said it. It's not very cool and it doesn't do much for my "personal brand" but I don't care. I'm finally out and proud about my guilty pleasure.  It all started innocently enough - some casual re-pins on Pinterest, a few late night Tumblr sessions or the occasional hair tutorial video before a party. Nothing my friends weren't doing. It was fun. But, before I knew it, I couldn't raise my mascara wand without watching a how-to online first. Even getting dressed without first watching a 'lookbook' clip felt empty and meaningless. 

I guess this was always bound to happen. It was never discussed openly, but I know that both of my grandmothers had spent time in Paris having clothes made for them.  A photo I found recently in an old album even suggested that my Father once dabbled in white flares and platforms. And even today, my mother struggles to hide her abuse of the Tom Ford lipstick range. The fact that I get my kicks in digital form on YouTube is just a contemporary manifestation of this genetic defect. 

The reason I'm coming clean, is that my compulsion recently reached new heights. I discovered the concept of 'dupes'. Hard core. 'Dupes' stand for 'duplicates' and certain vloggers are experts at matching expensive colours and textures with cheaper alternatives - all handily linked to in the comments section. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I've spent almost £20 just this month on eyeshadows, lipsticks and blusher. That's practically the cost of an entire brunch on Broadway Market! 


They say the first step to recovery is admitting you've got a problem. So I confess - my cheekbones look sunkissed, I know how fishtail braid my hair, and I can do a smokey eye that would make Kim Kardashian weep. Damn you vloggers!